A Brilliant Smile adds optimism to one's personality. We assure you a captivating and perfect smile with our exuberant dental service. With a well-equipped dental set up, in all its sophistication and luxury, your dental needs will be taken care of by well-trained Dentist. We are on call 24 hrs a day/7 days a week to attend any kind of Dental Emergencies. “Your Perfect Smile Is Our Motto”


Periodontal Treatment

  • Scaling & Polishing
  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Splinting of Teeths
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Flap Surgery

Conservative Dentistry

  • Glass Ionomer Restoration/Filling
  • Silver Amalgam Restoration/Filling
  • Light Cure Composite Restoration/Filling
  • All Cosmetic Treatment Including Veneering of Tooth
  • Tooth Bleaching


  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Endodontic Surgery (Apicoectomy)
  • Post and Core

Paediatric Dentistry

  • Serial Extraction
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Care for Deciduous Dentition
  • Pit and Fissure Sealant
  • Fillings and Restorations

Oral Surgery and maxillofacial surgery

  • Painless Extractions Under Local Anaesthesia
  • Incision & Drainage
  • Operculectomy
  • Impactions
  • Replantation of Avulsed Tooth
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Injuries and Its Management
  • Treatment of Fractures

Preventive and community dentistry

  • School Dental Health Programms
  • Dental Camp

Prosthodontic Treatment (PROSTHETICS)

  • Complete Denture
  • Removal Partial Denture
  • Crown and Bridges (Caps) (Including Metal, Porcelain Fused Crowns With Metal Crowns and All Ceramic Crowns)


Fixed Orthodontic Treatment


    Dr. Salil Baldev

  • B.D.S. (Honours)
  • (Dental Surgeon)

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