Orthopaedics & Trauma

In the present fast developing world, it is well understood that the incidence of trauma is on the rise. Our motto is ‘Trauma Care at affordable cost’ in view of helping out the trauma victims. Our department is one of the most modern and fully equipped at par with International standards. A team of dedicated surgeons under the able guidance of DR VINOD PAGRANI operate the Trauma centre round-the-clock.
We have Physiotherapy department, Orthotic centre and Occupational therapy department which provide us an excellent support. The department offers emergency and elective services round the clock.


  • International advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Protocol followed.
  • Multi-disciplinary trauma approach with active involvement of Neuro, Plastic, and gastro and ent Surgeons.
  • Patient friendly approach in decision making.
  • Wireless equipped trauma care ambulance with trained paramedics as per ATLS protocol.
  • 24 hour Trauma and Accident care.
  • • 24 hour availability of investigative facilities

Facilities Available

  • Image intensifier - C-Arm with twin monitor
  • Ultramodern fracture table
  • High quality pneumatic and electric instruments
  • Karl storz camera / light source
  • Arthroscopic equipment
  • Most modern operating microscopes
  • vModern theatre complex IMCU, ICU .
  • 24 hours X-ray, Spiral CT and Ultrasound
  • Fully equipped Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy and Orthotic & Prosthetic unit

Allied Facilities

  • Healthy appetite stimulating food from central kitchen for all patients
  • Availability of wards in three groups. (General, Semi private and Special)

Fracture And Trauma Surgery

We provide round the clock (24 hours) trauma care. We have excellent ambulance facilities which are provided with Radiofrequency communication system. We have excellent accident and emergency department in which primary care is given to the patients. We have a multi bedded ICU to provide emergency care and post operative care.
Fractures are treated quickly and efficiently in par with international standards with latest implants and equipments. Operation is done with minimally invasive technique that produces very small scar and quick recovery of patients.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

In keeping with the latest development in the field of trauma and orthopaedic surgery, minimally invasive surgery is performed routinely in our departments. Surgeries are performed through key-hole incision which helps the patients recover faster and leaves a very small scar that is cosmetically aesthetic. Fractures of thigh, leg and arm bones are routinely treated in this manner.

Spine Surgery

Spinal problems like back pain, disc disease and trauma are treated by our specially trained orthopaedic surgeons. Disc removal is done through a very small incision which helps in quick rehabilitation of the patients. Neurosurgery and physiotherapy back up helps in efficient patient care and patient satisfaction.

Joint Replacement Surgery

“Movement is Life”. To meet all kinds of degenerative problems in Geriatric population, we have a fully trained and equipped unit performing all kinds of joint replacement surgeries at a very nominal cost.


Key hole surgery as we call is talk of the day. All surgeons are becoming less invasive (smaller scar) and patients prefer shorter stay in hospitals .Sports injuries like ligament injuries and meniscal injuries are given a special focus in our hospital with arthroscopic surgery - a sibling of minimally invasive surgery concept in Orthopaedics. We do ligament reconstructive surgeries and use Arthroscopic assistance whenever necessary.
Key hole surgery for the knee and shoulder are undertaken to treat various conditions. Key hole surgery is very comfortable for the patient which helps them recover faster and return to their work early.

Paediatric orthopaedics

One of our unique features is Paediatric Ortho Care. We treat our paediatric ortho patients with a minimal intervention policy and stringent follow up protocols,. In coherence with various social service organizations we treat polio patients and other congenital deformity corrections, Club foot correction is routinely done with POP with excellent results. Other conditions like limb deformity are corrected with latest instruments.

Hand Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery

We address hand injuries with an aim to conserve as much as possible, functionally and cosmetically. Hand injuries are also very common due to sporting accidents. With combined input from plastic surgeons and occupational therapist we give excellent care to the patients.

Foot And Ankle Surgery

Foot and ankle problems are numerous and disabling. We provide efficient solutions to the problem with and without surgical intervention.

Osteoporosis Clinic

“Is a silent bone thief”. It is better to prevent a hip fracture rather than operating on hip fracture. We do complete evaluation and confirmation with quantitative bone mass assessment modalities. Prevention and treatment are carried out as indicated.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

A dedicated team, inclusive of Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Orthotics & Prosthetics ensure wholesome care for our patients.

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